A Message From Our CEO

Dear Prospective Client,

Welcome to Alternativ Wealth, our next-generation wealth management firm.

As co-founder of the asset manager Legalist, I have worked with many, many financial advisory firms. I've noticed the industry desperately needs better technology, and an integrated approach to wealth. At Alternativ Wealth, we're accelerating that change by revolutionizing what wealth management looks and feels like

Alternativ Wealth is for folks like me and you - successful founders, executives, business owners, and professionals who lead busy lives with intricate financial needs. The Alternativ Approach is an unparalleled offering, combining the personal touch of a dedicated advisor with an intuitive digital platform.

Since 2012, our accomplished founders, CFAs, CFPs, MBAs, and JDs have pursued one mission - delivering a world-class financial experience. We're here to guide you on your journey to financial success.

Warm regards,

Christian Haigh
Chief Executive Officer

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