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We purpose built our team, expertise, and resources to serve clients like you – founders, executives, business owners, and professionals who lead busy lives with intricate financial needs. The Alternativ Approach is an unparalleled offering, combining the personal touch of a dedicated advisor with an intuitive digital platform. Getting started as a new client is easy. Here's what you can expect.


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Talk to an advisor about your financial goals and learn if our approach is right for you.

Our first meeting will allow us to really get to know each other. The focus will be on understanding your financial goals, objectives, and challenges. You will be introduced to our planning process, investment philosophy, and the broader suite of services. We can dive deeper into areas of particular interest, and answer any questions you may have. By the end of the meeting, you will know if our approach and services are right for you.


Get Organized and Personalized

Our team will help you gather everything we need to create your personalized financial plan.

Our second meeting will involve a deep dive into your current financial circumstances. Before the meeting, we’ll send you a secure link where you can post all relevant documents so that we can prepare for the session and get a better picture of your holistic financial situation. Our goal for this session is to lay the foundation for your financial plan and discuss next steps. We’ll review the materials you provided, fill in any gaps, and discuss how we can help you manage your financial life.


Build Your Financial Planning Foundation

We’ll review your current financial picture and identify strategies to achieve your goals.

For our third meeting, we’ll discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals. We will present our financial planning recommendations and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we'll review our investment proposal designed to help you achieve your financial objectives. Our goal is for you to leave the meeting feeling informed about how we will assist you in implementing our recommendations.


Implement Your Investment Strategy

We continuously monitor your wealth and investment strategy to keep your plan on track.

Once we’re linked up to your accounts and they’re funded, we’ll begin implementing your investment strategy. We'll meet 45-90 days later to review your portfolio, address any questions, and make any desired changes. Additionally, we will review your investment goals and show you how to access your secure client portal. Our goal is to ensure you have access to all the services we provide and know where to go to find help.


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